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WAND is a ground-breaking cancer-curing instrument that uses radio frequencies instead of drugs, radiation, or radical surgical procedures to restore health.

Many years in development, the device has gotten the attention of Orphium – the manufacturer of a top-selling cancer-fighting drug. The Orphium corporation is not about to sit idly and watch its profits be eliminated.

Justin Ray is Clyde Daniel

Drs. Donna Sawyer, Clyde Daniel, Rachel Atwood, and other key employees at Gracie Technology are the brains behind WAND. The company’s new revolutionary healthcare instrument is about to transform medicine into something that resembles science fiction, possibly making conventional cancer treatments obsolete. The team members have all been placed in the crosshairs of a hired assassin.

Robb Russo is Mr. X

Target List is a high-energy, fast-paced action-comedy about the creation of a life-saving healthcare instrument and big pharma’s attempt to suppress the technology.

Our film addresses a well-known conspiracy theory within modern medicine that subscribes to the idea that the pharmaceutical industry is willing to hold back and even destroy healthcare inventions and discoveries that might help humanity have a better expression of health for the pursuit of monetary gain.

Good Versus Evil

There is no denying that there is evil in this world, but the light will always conquer the darkness.” ― Idowu Koyenikan

Good versus evil is the motivational force within Target List that ultimately drives the engine of this story toward its exciting climax and twist ending.

Rachel Alig is Dr. Donna Sawyer

Hundreds upon hundreds of modern cinematic productions have touched on the theme of good versus evil or the light versus the darkness. In Target List, the main characters are all directly affected by these same polarities.

The screenplay was written by MJ Palo and John Reizer. The story is based on the 2019 novel written by John Reizer.

Read the novel or listen to the audiobook on Audible!

Watch the pilot film:

Pilot Movie Review:

“The Target List manages to hit the goal of any pilot – in that it leaves the viewer wanting more. It has a solid set-up and brings interesting ideas to the table, which would hopefully be explored in-depth in a full-length version of the story. With a few kinks ironed out, this could be an intriguing medical thriller.”

–Patrick Foley, UK Film Review (Read the full review!)

Critical and IMDb User Reviews:

By Rehan Abbasi

Highly Entertaining!

8/10 Stars

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“Tightly paced and full of action and thrills, The Target List is a potent short film that manages to squeeze so much into its short running time. While some special effects shots do require a bit of polishing over, the creative talent and technical prowess evident in the production cannot be dismissed. At its core, The Target List embraces its outlandish idea wholeheartedly and moves to have terrific fun with its premise. With both the cast and the crew seemingly having a good time, the film is thus a win for everyone involved in its making.

Available to rent or buy on several streaming platforms, The Target List gets eight out of ten stars from this reviewer.”


Action-Packed Thriller


8/10 Stars

Resident Testimonials | Knoxville Townhomes | The Villas of Emerald Woods —  The Villas of Emerald Woods Townhomes For Lease

The cast of actors pull off fine performances throughout the eleven – minutes of film, keeping the audience completely engrossed in this action-packed short.

The Target List has a unique but timely theme and explores a subject that undoubtedly is on the minds of many people in real life. I would love to see the full feature version of this movie when it is completed.


A real nail-biter

This film is loaded with suspense, intrigue, and a battle between good and evil forces. I want to see the full movie when it comes out.


Can’t wait to see the rest!!

Would love to see where this story goes. Big Pharma doesn’t want any competition!!


Don’t Miss This

Great. There’s so much potential to being a great movie/ mini-series. Great job, Dr. Reizer & Company.



Keeps you on the edge of your pants; looking forward to watching it in full!


Expertly crafted story that leaves you on the edge of your seat

This short film covers all the bases: tightly woven narrative, quick pacing, a suspenseful tone, and genuinely good acting, all within a 10-minute runtime. Would love to see a continuation of the story in the future!


An action-packed and exciting pilot film!

I’m excited to see how the story plays out. This kept me on the edge of my seat!!!


Sets the World on Fire with the Truth!

Awesome! An entertaining and suspenseful thriller that proceeds rapidly. It speaks volumes about the deception of the pharmaceutical companies. And it sends a message that the world desperately needs to see. A full-length feature film or series of The Target List is exactly what is needed, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing more.

But the creators of the film did an amazing job of packing in thrilling entertainment in the brief timeline they had to work with on the pilot.

This movie is a wake-up call for everyone!


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